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Political instability creating investment opportunities?

DKM Group Investment Update October 2017 Tom Stevenson, Investment Director Fidelity International Does politics matter to investors? Read any market report and the answer might seem obvious. Market movements are often explained as reactions to an unfolding political story – Brexit, Catalonia, North Korea, Trump, European elections. All of these have at times over the Read More

National Employment Standards for Employers

As an employer, did you know that every employee you have is covered by 10 National Employment Standards (NES)? These standards cannot be overridden by contracts, Awards or any other type of agreement. The NES also forms part of the ‘Better off Overall Test’. If your organisation is able to register an enterprise agreement with Read More

Private Health Insurance Rebate Reduction

From 1 July 2012, the Australian Government made changes to the private health insurance rebate scheme. The private health insurance rebate became income tested, with the test being based on ‘income for surcharge purposes’. This means that your rebate entitlement is now adjusted to coincide with your income for surcharge purposes. Income for surcharge purposes Read More