Business advisory and accounting

DKM has a very wide range of business, accounting, taxation and audit services available. The following outlines some of the ways our professional advisors can help your business:

  • Preparation of statutory financial reports, management reports and analyses, cashflow management and profit forecasts, and management accounting services
  • Strategic planning and development of business plans. DKM Group can assist with strategy formulation, market analysis, identifying your business’ inside advantage, definition of objectives, and measuring progress against a strategy.
  • Economic feasibility studies (otherwise known as “Cost/benefit Analysis”, “Return on Investment Analysis” or “Financial Evaluation of Capital Projects”) compare the benefits of investing in alternative projects against the benefits of paying a dividend, or paying off debt. Feasibility studies help you assess the likelihood of an investment paying off. DKM Group employs a range of tools, which can help management with significant investment decisions.
  • Investor readiness reviews are designed to maximize the outcome for existing shareholders. The reviews can include identification of the requirement for additional capital, preparation of a business plan, consideration of the type of security to be issued to the investor, company valuation, negotiation preparations, and structuring the deal for tax efficiency.
  • Merger & acquisitions advice. Mergers & acquisitions can help a business gain access to cash, new markets, or intellectual property. DKM Group can assist with valuation of a target company, structuring the deal for tax efficiency, sourcing finance for the transaction, or due diligence
  • Equity and debt raising strategies.  Companies requiring additional capital can list on the stock exchange, issue shares privately to a business angel or venture capital firm, seek a bank loan, use invoice financing, sell and lease back some of their assets, or issue debt securities. We help clients determine the right combination of instruments for their business, and assist with the procurement of capital.
  • External Financial Controller. DKM can provide suitably qualified professionals to perform some of the functions of a full time CFO or Financial Controller. This can include cash flow budgeting, preparing financial statements, liaising with auditors and financiers, identifying profit drivers, tax planning, evaluating alternative capital projects, or monitoring compliance with the requirements of ASIC, banks and the ATO. DKM ’s Virtual CFO service is a flexible and affordable alternative.

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DKM provides a comprehensive range of taxation services, helping your business stay up to date with the never ending, detailed and complex changes to Australian taxation. These services include:

  • Taxation planning and structuring
  • GST consulting and management and specialist advice
  • Federal and state taxation
  • GST specialist advice
  • Indirect taxes
  • National and international revenue law
  • Taxation advice and restructuring
  • FBT returns, payroll tax, foreign tax compliance
  • Capital gains tax
  • End of year tax planning
  • Preparation of statutory financial reports

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Rural Business Services

DKM has a proud history of helping rural businesses with their financial needs, dealing with the specific challenges these businesses face. DKM services include:

  • Assistance with procurement of government subsidies
  • Equipment audits
  • Export planning and advice on export assistance
  • Business migration
  • Succession Planning

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Business / Commercial insurance

  • Public Liability
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Business Packs
  • Corporate Travel
  • Marine
  • Motor vehicle